Willich ALL-STARS playing for Matchbox

The WILLICH ALL-STARS football team from our hometown in Germany has played against the WEISSWEILER ELF from Borussia Mönchengladbach, with a few senior football ledgens in their rows: Karlheinz Pflipsen, Filip Daems, Peter Wynhoff, Mike Hanke, Chiquinho, Bachirou Salou and Oliver Neuville.

We 💛 their Matchbox shirts!

A big THANK YOU to SKY, DMAX, PRO7.SAT1, EURO-SPORT und Christoph Semmler for the donated contributions towards our tombola! We were able to collect a wonderful amount of funding with your help!


The Matchbox party!

Launching the Matchbox art program JAHRESGABE was an amazing party! The 100 original artworks, which 4 talented Cape Townian artists have created for our supporters, got nearly sold out.

According to our rheinland tradition, we welcomed the month of May with DJ Nico’s beats and great Mai-Gin.

Thanks to all supporters and the many helping hands, who made this evening so special! 💛


In 2012 Matchbox has built a new facility for the INJONGO Educare Center, which accommodates around 150 children daily. Since the need for qualified support for young children is huge in Mfuleni, Matchbox has built two new classrooms for INJONGO. For this purpose, we have converted shipping container, allowing many more children to grow and learn in a child-friendly, empowering environment.


We ll present the new edition of the JAHRESGABE art program on the 30th of April in Willich, Germany. Join us for a glass of South African redwine and delicious snacks and especially for a little ‘dance into May’ as it is tradition in our region. We are looking forward to celebrate with you and in case you forgot – the next day is public holiday!

Moosheide 140 in 47877 Willich, Germany
on Tuesday, 30th of April from 7 pm


Over the past 5 years those 45 children have been looked after by the care givers of INJONGO Educare Center in Mfuleni. They were held, fed, read to, listened to, cared for and loved as they developed into those beautiful young people. They are proud to enter school this year and ready for an exciting future.