Laphuma Ilanga

Closing down Laphuma Ilanga

Laphuma Ilanga has closed! It was located in an informal settlement in Mfuleni, which is now going to be ‚formalized‘ by the City of Cape Town. So the founder Nomabhele Xongwana had move to a temporal accommodation with her family. Once the area has been upgraded with roads, water and electricity, she can move back and build a home for herself and her family.

Nomabhele is not sure if Laphuma Ilanga will re-open. So we stored the Matchbox kitchen / toilet container for now so we can install it at another Daycare Center in need. Also our educational training and medical support can be provided otherwise now.

The Upgrade

Laphuma Ilanga’s committee, neighbors and parents were singing and dancing as the converted container was set-up.
Thanks to many friends of the Center and lots of children, the new kitchen and bathroomd were painted beautifully. The principal Nomabhele Xongwana and her family plan to not only cater for the children of their daycare center, but also to expand the community feeding scheme through the new facility.

The Process

The Center’s committee, representing the children’s, carer’s, parents’ and neighbors’ interest, has been in volved into the upgrade process and the position of the new kitchen / sanitary unit has been decided. New ways of income generation are discussed and the Committee asks for training in financial management, which will be arranged by our partner organisation POWER-CHILD soon.
Water and sewer connections, as well as foundations will be provided until mid October 2015, when implementation of the container is planned.

Laphuma Ilanga Educare Center

‘Laphuma Ilanga’ means ‘Sunrise’ in Xhosa, reflecting the hopeful spirit of the Center within its community. It consists of a church, senior’s club, library, hospiz and an ECD Section for 40 children. It is located in an informal settlement with extremely low income levels, parents can not afford school fees for kids. No meals are provided, toilets unhygienic (public toilets on street), no wash facilities.

The MATCHBOX kitchen / sanitary unit will uplift the general standard of the center. Additionally it provides sustainable income opportunities.