The new facility adds huge value to the standard of Cebolethu. It simplifies the day-to-day life in the Center, such as food preparation or cleaning and handwash procedures for the children.

The Center now complies with the official regulations and is eligible for governmental funding.

The Process

Together with Matchbox, parents and care givers created an upgrade project to complete the Cebolethu Educare Center with a kitchen and toilet container. It was decided to relocate some shack structures to integrate the Matchbox container in the most suitable way.

After arrival, the container was painted in a workshop with the Art Facilitator Aisha Dollie!

Cebolethu Educare Center

Phatheka Ndeleni and her team of very engaged care givers run the Cebolethu Educare Center in Mfuleni. In a very friendly and colorful environment about 90 children from the neighborhood are accommodated.

Despite of good management, the Center does not have resources to build safe kitchen or toilet facilities.