Emihle Educare Center

The Educare Center Emihle is located in Mfuleni and forms part of a small but viby Community Center. The founder Lindiwe Mdidimba accommodates around 20 children from her neighborhood and employes two care givers. In her temporal structures, she provides not only a shelter during daytimes for the children, but a loving environment, food, educational toys and medical care.

Lindiwe is a highly skilled and experienced health worker in her community and together with our Matchbox Healthcare Facilitator she applies her knowledge on behalf of Matchbox in our other parnering ECD Centers.

The Matchbox team has formed a partnership with the Emihle Educare Center in 2019 and supports Lindiwe and her team through ECD training and medical equipment. It is planned to install a Matchbox kitchen / toilet container in the near future.