New ways

In 2018 Mzamomphle has partnered with another organisation who also provides educational training to kids and care givers and who is going to finance a whole new building. The Mzamomphle Educare Center does not require the Matchbox support program any longer and very wisely, the principal has decided to end our partnership in 2019.
We welcome this development and we will support Mzamomphle with the provision of the Matchbox kitchen container for the time being.

The Upgrade

Kids and care giver were really excited as the new container got delivered in November 2015. Craftsmen and parents from the neighborhood helped in the construction of roof and stoep, the connection of water and electricity, and most importantly in the beautification in and outside the new kitchen and bathrooms.

Now the kids are even more excited about the new facility!

The Process

Throughout 2015 the Center’s committee, representing all interests of the children, carer, parents and neighbors, has been in volved into the upgrade process and the position of the new kitchen / sanitary unit has been decided.

Water and sewer connections, as well as foundations were installed before set-up of the container with the help of some neighbors.

Mzamomphle Educare Center

150 children are accommodated in a small RDP house, its garage and extensions. Due to lack of out- and indoor space the principal Nomajama Gada took a vacant plot in neighborhood on and built a simple shack for the kids, no kitchen / sanitary area provided yet.

The center shows enormous potential for excellent support of the children due to high commitment and qualification level of care givers -IF the basic requirements are met, such as hygienic toilet, wash and cooking facilities.