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Matchbox forms part of the TOGETHER FOR CAPETOWN network, an instantly created platform to raise funds for our EMERGENCY FOOD PROGRAM. In close cooperation with our international partners, we distribute food parcels to the children and their families in Cape Town’s underresourced communities.

South Africa has announced the globally most radical lock down.
As well as any public life, our daycare centers are shut down and the families in our communities have to isolate themselves in mostly small houses. In an environment of high unemployment rates, the few income sources are cut off and basic food and health supply can’t be provided. Starvation, dramatic socio-economic consequences and the escalation of the generally critical situation are expected.
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About our work

A large amount of young children in South Africa’s townships does not receive preschool support. We empower under-resourced daycare centres and improve educational standards for the children.

Matchbox is a Cape Town based non-profit organisation aiming to improve the quality of life and learning for young children living in South Africa’s underprivileged township communities.

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For an annual contribution you ‘ll be able to choose an art piece from a hand-picked collection of South African artists.

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Every cent makes a difference!

Your donation helps to upgrade daycare centers in the townships by providing kitchen and sanitary facilities, which improve the standards of the centres significantly.

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Mai 2020

Donate and get a tricot!

By buying a Matchbox tricot, you fund a food parcel, which will nurture a family in Mfuleni for a whole week!

Mai 2020

feeding 500 families

The Matchbox team on the ground has distributed 500 food parcels to the children of our 4 daycare centers and their families. These parcels will nurture them for a whole week, which makes up to 14.000 meals!

Mai 2020


Matchbox has co-created the Together for Cape Town network to jointly provide 3 Million meals to hungry children in Cape Town’s underresourced communities until the end of 2020.