Jahrsgabe Edition 2022

Keren Setton

I am a multimedia artist and teacher, living and working in Cape Town, South Africa.

This body of work is a celebration of the South African landscape, a place where I find peace and comfort, as well as inspiration and joy. I wanted to notice the small beauties that nature effortlessly produces, such as the natural complementary scatterings of purple and yellow daisies, or the fluffy texture of the inside of a protea. I am drawn to the colours and textures I see all around in the landscapes of Cape Town.

The artworks have been created with a variety of techniques. Working with embroidery and fabric is something that is very personal to me. As a child, my grandmother let me play in her sewing room. She had a large cupboard filled with boxes of scraps, colour coded and overflowing. My grandmother was a quilter and crafter, and she inspired the passion for creation in me. I would spend hours looking through the boxes of fabric scraps, selecting my favourite patterns and colours. This has influenced my art, as I am very inspired by detail, colour and the texture of fabrics and thread.

While I studied art I also found my love for painting, which I have translated into these works through the use of washes of inks.
The monochrome blue prints are cyanotypes, which have been printed onto linen and then embroidered into.

Throughout this project I enjoyed exploring the different mediums and how they interacted with each other. These works were experimentations and celebration of the small everyday moments of beauty.

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Jahresgabe Edition 2022

KS 1.01
KS 1.01 - taken
KS 1.02
KS 1.02
KS 1.03
KS 1.03 - taken
KS 1.04
KS 1.04 - taken
KS 1.05
KS 1.05 - taken
KS 1.06
KS 1.06 - taken
KS 1.07
KS 1.07 - taken
KS 1.08
KS 1.08
KS 1.09
KS 1.09
KS 1.10
KS 1.10
KS 1.11
KS 1.11 - taken
KS 1.12
KS 1.12 - taken
KS 1.13
KS 1.13 - taken
KS 1.14
KS 1.14 - taken
KS 1.15
KS 1.15
KS 1.16
KS 1.16
KS 1.17
KS 1.17 - taken
KS 1.18
KS 1.18 - taken
KS 1.19
KS 1.19 - taken
KS 1.20
KS 1.20 - taken
KS 1.21
KS 1.21 - taken
KS 1.22
KS 1.22
KS 1.23
KS 1.23 - taken
KS 1.24
KS 1.24 - taken
KS 1.25
KS 1.25 - taken
KS 1.26
KS 1.26
KS 1.27
KS 1.27 - taken
KS 1.28
KS 1.28
KS 1.29
KS 1.29
KS 1.30
KS 1.30 - taken