CORONA lock-down

South Africa has announced a total lock-down to protect the population from CORONA infections! As well as any public life, our daycare centers are closed and the families in our communities have to isolate themselves in mostly small houses.

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a new jungle gym

Thanks 💛 to Shannon Lee, producer of the the WARRIORS series, and the actors Jo Taslim, Kimberly Leo, Perry Yung, Maria Gonzalez Laas und Sekiya Billman for their support! Their private donations facilitated the construction of this new jungle gym at the INJONGO educare center in Mfuleni.

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Unfuck the planet

As a side product of the INNOGY Design Sprint, this very cool UNFUCK THE PLANET shirt was created. A large amount of participants ‚bought‘ it in return for a donation to MATCHBOX!

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WARRIOR actors visit INJONGO

The actors from the WARRIOR series, which is beeing produced in CT, visited our INJONGO crèche in Mfuleni 💛 THANKS A MILLION to Shannon Lee, who encouraged a 10.000$ donation from the American TV provider HBO and the actors Jo Taslim, Kimberly Leo, Perry Yung, Maria Gonzalez Laas and Sekiya Billman for their time, for those huge donations and for causing such a great difference!

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The Matchbox party!

Launching the Matchbox art program JAHRESGABE was an amazing party! The 100 original artworks got nearly sold out.

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Since the need for qualified support for young children is huge in Mfuleni, Matchbox has built two new classrooms for INJONGO.

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We ll present the new edition of the JAHRESGABE art program on the 30th of April in Willich, Germany. Join us for a glass of South African redwine and delicious snacks and especially for a little ‘dance into May’ as it is tradition in our region. We are looking forward to celebrate with you and in case you forgot – the next day is public holiday!

Moosheide 140 in 47877 Willich, Germany
on Tuesday, 30th of April from 7 pm


Over the past 5 years those 45 children have been looked after by the care givers of INJONGO Educare Center in Mfuleni. They were held, fed, read to, listened to, cared for and loved as they developed into those beautiful young people. They are proud to enter school this year and ready for an exciting future.